Robert J. Egielski“This music is as close to being painterly artistic as possible … The breath-like, brainy-yet-beautiful sounds Bob delivers on this acoustic guitar soundscape defy subscription to any other guitar music. Bob is living in a world of perceptively short music stories with resolutions that leave listeners spellbound yet knowing. This is a moody story teller able to bridge the gap between earthy country music and mystical eastern sounds … He plays that same bridge of emotions on a number of the songs, blending techniques and genres in loops of lush notes that seem to have tapped into tonal memories shared by the listener and the artist.” – James Spina, music critic and former music editor of Hit Parader and W magazines.


A versatile guitarist experienced on electric and acoustic instruments in playing many different types of music, including blues, rock, pop, R&B, country, folk, light jazz and fusion. Bob worked for many years as lead guitarist with several Manhattan-based and Long Island-based original music and cover bands. A former music reviewer and editor of Hit Parader magazine described his electric guitar licks as “stabbing, stinging and threatening, a constant maelstrom of emotions.” Bob is available for session work with singer-songwriters, bands and producers.


Co-author with former band members of dozens of songs in a variety of musical styles and genres, some of which resulted in invitations to record demos at RCA studios in New York City and for smaller record companies. Most recent compositions are solo instrumental works on acoustic guitar featured on his CD, There Goes Yesterday, Here Comes Tomorrow, which one reviewer described as a “breath-like, brainy-yet-beautiful … acoustic guitar soundscape …, blending techniques and genres in loops of lush notes.” Bob is interested in collaborating with lyricists, singers and other songwriters.


Each of the songs on Bob’s CD can stand on its own as a piece to be enjoyed by the listener, yet many people who have heard this music recognize it as ideally suited for film and television. The music is presented without gimmicks, frills or excessive production. It covers a broad expressive range, from light, playful and romantic to somber, dramatic and atmospheric. The pieces lend themselves to a variety of musical applications for film and television, including thematic, featured and background uses. Existing songs are available for licensing, and commissions are invited.